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It All started...

It all started after I graduated from studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. I knew I wanted to continue using my imagination and my hands but didn't want to continue with the practise of art. After getting a job in a hotel and moving back home I saved up enough money to give myself some time to work out my next move. For some reason I decided to pick up some wood and some carving tools I found myself making spoons, it came naturally to me and really enjoying doing it. Next thing I knew I was setting up my first stall at Druid St. Market and I had made my first sale. Since that day I have gone on to design and make new products, won award for my work and have features in magazines.

Things have developed more than I could've imagined over the months that I had been working on getting Slow Split off the ground. I am now using my passion for interiors to create a really exciting new range of tableware and fuse my interest in antiques with my woodwork by bringing glassware to the Slow Split catalogue. 

Who knows what's next but just so long as I can keep making I know I will be happy.