Why Spoons?

Good question! Why Spoons?

Well I will tell you why, but first a little bit about myself. My name is Jake Knibbs, I was born and raised in Manchester and moved with my family to Windsor when I was 13. Since then I have done a number of things from traveling to Asia and Africa to studying Fine Art. I starting out on my path of creativity in photography and most recently graduated in Installation Art from Central Saint Martins. 

Since graduating In the summer of 2015, I went on to work in the hospitality business with the prospect of earning enough money to set up my own company. I didn't know what it was I wanted to do but I was itching to do something using my hands. Having always had an interest in quality items, I knew I wanted to make a high end product that takes time and patience to create. In my art practise I always used wood so I naturally started looking for a skill that I could hone to create a high end bespoke item. I looked at what there was out there that I could spend time perfecting that didn't require much equipment but could produced a quality item. Spoons.

I got some basic knifes, and axe and wood from a friends back garden and got going. There was a lot of wood chippings, a rough shape and a lot of plasters! It wasn't a bad start but it certainly wasn't as straight forward as I was expecting. What I did realise though, was how much I enjoyed the process of going from a lump of fire wood to a useable item in a reasonably short space of time and was defiantly something I want to spend some more time with.


With time and practice, I thought I could create a product that shows a process and respect for a skill, a skill that has been lost in recent years due to mass production and over produced, cheap tat. Less than two months later I am here, writing on my new website for my new company Slow Split, with the view to start selling my had crafted bespoke spoons made from reclaimed wood from London properties to you, my customers.

So why spoons? That's why.

Jake Knibbs