While My Cuts Heal...

This spoon carving game is great. I'm loving everything from finding the beautiful pieces of once loved wood and bringing them back to life to sanding and waxing my final pieces. However, my hands ache and my fingers are only big enough to hold so many plasters. They need a rest!

So what was I going to do with my time? Well, I wanted something productive and practical... so I worked on my packaging! How I was going to ship my spoons to all of you around the world was something I had been thinking about for a while. It has to be something elegant yet practical, and maybe something that can be reused or recycled. So I came to the decisions that I am going to use canvas to make individually size draw string bags!

I hadn't used a sewing machine since, well never I suppose, but I'm good with my hands and my Grandparents gave me there old Singer machine when they moved out so I thought I might as well give it a try.

The canvas I bought from from Russell & Chapple in central London, a lovely art supplies shop that is so close to home and great quality. My machine I had serviced at the most amazing Singer shop in North London that I would highly recommend, even if you just go to have a look, Tony (the owner) is a very knowledgable and fascinating man. From there it was all about trying to make myself some bags!

I didn't have any sizes in mind when I started on my first one, but as you can see from my first photo, it wasn't too shabby! It didn't take me too long, once I had worked out how to thread the damn thing and what a bobbin even was let alone where it went! (Thank goodness for YouTube.) 


From that very first bag, I went on to perfect my new found skill. I have changed the regular white string for some hessian string giving the bag a more natural touch and used a similar colour thread for my stitching to make the lines more defiant. I used offcuts of wood to make toggles so that people could see what wood it is that they are getting before it has been sanded and treated like that final items have. All together, I think these bags look like quality items that belong along side my finished spoons. They work well together and best of all, they have a life after transport, for your pens or your makeup. Nothing better than something reusable!  

Final Drawstring Bags
Jake Knibbs