While I Chip Chip Chip Away

While in the starting phases of this thing I'm calling a business, I find myself getting distracted with music on in the background. As strange as it sounds, I find myself after a few minutes of listening to a song, sitting back in my chair and nodding my head to the beat. But worse than the distraction of music, is silence.

The answer to rid myself of my distractions became clear thanks to a friend who exclaimed one afternoon "You mean you haven't listened to Serial?". For anyone who like my recent self hasn't heard of Serial, it's a podcast that analyses a case and trial in America of a young boy who is convicted of the murder of his ex girlfriend - 15 years later he is still protesting his innocence. Sarah Koenig tells the story and narrates the show as she herself discovers more about it.

The perfectly smooth tone of Koenig's voice, emphasising words in just the right place, leads you down trail of thought as if it was your own mind doing the thinking. There is no way I could even attempt to do justice by just telling you how great this podcast is and you don't just have to take my word. On the iTunes chart the top podcast, even after over a year since the first release, Serial still reigns as number one!

I found that listening to something informative and engrossing allowed me to concentrate on my work and what I was doing with my hands. The whole room became one very focused space. 

Like with any great film or tv program I began to dread coming the end as I knew I was never going to watch/listen/see this for the first time again. But I needn't have worried, the fortunate thing for me here was I had never listened to a podcast before in my life (other than a friends mix tape podcast he had made for me in 2006)! So here I am, starting out on a new venture, with some new audio to accompany me. 

There is such a wide world out there filled with people talking about all sorts. From someone talking about a porno there dad had writen, to a woman who helps out friends to crack a mystery in there lives. 

What I am here to do for you in this blog, is to fill your lives with what I believe is some goodness for your brains in this toxic world. From what types things I'm creating and how I go about it, to where I spend my time - and now what it is I'm listening to. 

So here it is, my first recommendation. Serial. I guarantee it will fill your time between now and my next blog post. So screw on that detective head and until my next blog update enjoy the mellow sound of Koenig's voice and her investigation into a dark and twisted murder. 

Jake Knibbs