My. First. Market!

The time has arrived... I have done my first market! And before you ask, yes it was very successful. Ok I didn't make many sales but it was my first go at it so what do you expect?  

After weeks and weeks of research, going to every market in London, putting off applying because I didn't think I was ready, I finally decided on what I thought was the one. Druid Street Market in Bermondsey. It looked as if it was everything I was looking for. A small market that hasn't even been going a year yet but full of the most amazing, friendly and creative stall holders I had found in London. 

Due to the fact that this would be my first market, I wanted to be around people that were going to help and show me the ropes. I was fortunate enough to be offered to share a stall with the incredibly talented Skye of Lazyeye Ceramics who makes the most desirable ceramic homeware you will find at any market. 

I was shown how to assemble the rackity metal frame, then I was put under pressure to remember how I had rearranged the make-believe stall I had spent hours come up with the night before, but once those oddities were out the way it was all plain sailing.


My aim for the day (despite having a sleepless night worrying about if I had enough bags and boxes to last me the whole day) was to sell just one spoon, but how long would I have to wait? Hours? The whole day? Will I sell one at all? Of corse my anxieties outwieghed the realities and I had sold my first spoon within the first hour. A Sapele Tea Spoon to a lovely young lady, and she didn't even want a box or a bag! What was I so worried about, this feeling was great, and she loved her new purchase!

So then it became official, I was a profiessional spoon carver! Who would have thought that at the start of 2016, only 4 months ago, I would have my own market stall selling products I had spent weeks perfecting to the amazing general public? Not me!

I was so happy to sell that one spoon, the rest of the day just flew by. The weather wasn't great so people looked as if they were coming for the fantastic food and coffee and heading home, instead of wondering around, picking things up, looking for a chat about what it is I'm doing. That's the nature of markets though I guess.

Despite the weather, it was a great day. I got to chat to lots of people who were interested in what I was doing, people took business cards, friends came down to see hello and have a look at my final product for the first time. Not a bad first outing as Slow Split if I do say so myself. 

All in all, I had an amazing day at Druid Street market. I met some really inspiring and truly lovely people and most importantly I can't wait for my next outing where I'm going to have more products and a better range of things for everyone to look at! Maybe this time I will see two spoons. (And get to use those bags and boxes!) 

Jake Knibbs