Now you know.

It has come to my attention that, after you have all been reading along over the past few weeks, some of you may not even know who I am! Well I'm here this week to put that to rest... 

For starters my name is Jake Knibbs, I'm currently 23 years old. I'm a northerner at heart, a Manc, but I have lived in the South East for about half my life. I mentioned in a previous post that I studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martians and graduated in the summer of 2015.


When I left university I moved back home and worked in a hotel for six months or so. I'm a personable guy so working in a hotel suited me but I was desperate to be creative, I needed to be doing something with my hands! I thought I wanted to continue practising art and wanted to try and 'make it' in the art world but soon realised that that wasn't me and so not what I was driven by. I just wanted to make things, nice things (I like nice things), and do something that would enable me to be my own boss where I would have the final say in how something is going to be made. Brainstorming and a few weeks of trial and error led me to wood carving and I haven't looked back! 

When I knew what creative venture I wanted to go down, I didn't think of the logistics that come with setting up a business. I have dyslexia, and it's probably the reason I have always gone down the creative path. With dyslexia you tend to struggle with some silly things that can be crucial to setting up a business such as, I don't know, how about writing an email? I'm currently applying for some markets and composing an email that reads as 'professional' is a daily struggle but hey, who really cares if absolutely is spelt apasaltuley. Similarly these blog posts, I mean a do love writing the but I'm sure you have be reading along thinking 'this isn't how a good blog is written',  (you should have read my dissertation!) But you're right and unfortunately for you not going to change any time soon and I enjoy writing these too much to stop so, sorry! 


My advice to you would be, if you don't want to read this rubbish, come down to the market and chat with me! People that know me know I will chat to anyone, I have an opinion on anything and will listen to whatever you want to talk about. The reason I love selling at markets is because there is non of this writing malarkey, no formal emails, just the lovely public sharing their interests for finely crafted wooden utensils. 

My dyslexia has never stopped me with anything and it's not going to start now. I have real ambitions for the Slow Split brand. Along with growing my kitchen utensils range, I am looking at setting up a Sunday Artisan Market in West Central London because it has appears to me that all the finer makers of London head out East to sell. Until then you can catch me at Druid St Market one the first and third Satuday of every month come rain or shine and after yesterday... I really mean that! 

Jake Knibbs