How DO you do that?

I have been at Druid St Market for about two months now and it was only last week when I thought, 'I know! I can give a demonstration!' 

It may come as a surprise to you, however, people seem to always ask, 'do YOU make these?' I give a polite 'Yes' but at the back of my mind I'm  wondering... do they think these spoons are so good that they must be made by someone much wiser than I could ever be, because if that isn't the case then it surely it must mean that these silly things I call spoons are infact rubbish and they can't believe I spend days whittling away! 

Well, just to be clear I do make everything you see at my stall and on my website. It's all 100% authentic Slow Split! And I'm damn proud of them too! 

So instead of having this debate in my head about what people think I do with my life, I thought why not just show everyone what I do. So that's exactly what I did, and let me tell you, it went down a treat. I obviously have to concentrate at what I'm doing, you know, to preserve fingers and all that, but I could see people slowing down out the corner of my eye to witness the magic that was taking place right in front of them. Like that biblical chap, I was turning water into wine, except it was some parque flooring into kitchen untisils, but you get the gist and I must add, they are both equally as spectaculer! 


It turned out to be the perfect opener for getting people to understand what it is I'm doing. Gives the passes by an idea of the time that goes into making all these beautiful spoons, knives and chopping boards. All the skills that are involved. All I was wondered was, 'why hadn't I done this sooner!'


For live demonstrations, get yourself down to Druid St Market and watch in awe as I turn water into wine... or something along those lines.  

Jake Knibbs