'Building your Empire'

That's what it's called by your mum if you start doing more than one market and it looks as if you might start making some form of income. Other people might just call it scaling up but that's boring, I prefer my mums way of saying it.  


It's been a busy few weeks for me, I have started on an amazing project with another small artisan company, which I will inform you all about in the near future. I have also been accepted onto a few Christmas markets (I know, it doesn't even feel like summer is here yet! I know!), in London and further afield. I will of course inform you about those closer to the time. That is so you can arrange your Christmas shopping around me, because I know you're all going to be wanting your Slow Split products! I mean they are the worlds most perfect gift at the end of the day. 

Most recently however, I have started a new market. It is called the East Vilage Market and it's a new market in itself. It's in, as you would expect, the East Village which is right by the what was the Olympic Park. It's such a great location in a beautiful fresh space with lots of green grass to sit and have your coffee on and watch the world go by. The market has a range of stuff going on, they have fresh fruit and veg, Kombucha tea, home made produce, an incredibly enthusiastic busker and of course some beyond brilliant hand crafted wooden spoons. 


It was my first week at the market and it started off somewhat wet but that was ok because we had a load of locals come down from the surrounding flats to check out what was on sale. As the day went on, it got less wet and much more enjoyable for everyone. As if I need to remind you but, there was some high profile tennis match on today and tucked behind the market was a big screen that was set up for everyone to get over excited about a Murray win. There was a real buzz in the area and made for a pleasurable way to spend the day.


For anyone that's in the area, or even if you're a little further out, it's a great place to go out for the day in the summer. You have our new amazing market, you have the beautiful grounds of the Olympic Park and if it gets a bit wet again, you always have the huge Westfield to keep you occupied.

The market is brilliant. You can spend Sunday afternoons listening to music, having some drinks, eating some fresh food and you wouldn't feel like you've wasted a single second. I mean that's what Sunday's are for right? 

Jake Knibbs