Let's work together

Jake Knibbs from Slow Split here asking for your help. I have written before about where I get my wood from. I have mentioned that something key to Slow Split is that the wood I use is reclaimed. Meaning that I have taken wood that has had a use prior to me whittling, whether that be parquet flooring, a mantlepiece, kitchen table or even an old door.


I love finding these pieces, learning about the story behind them and then bring some new life into the wood. I'm going to be honest with you here though, I'm struggling to find 'the good stuff', and that's why I'm asking you guys for a little help. 

I have plenty of small pieces of wood that I use for my tea spoons, butter knives and so on. I am finding it difficult however, to find pieces big enough to make my larger items out of. I'm currently using aged green wood to make my chopping boards (which are beautiful and such amazing pieces) but with doing that, I'm moving away from what makes Slow Split so special and interesting. 

What I ask of you, is if you have any wood of any size, that sits somewhere in your house collecting cobwebs and is looking old, worn out, lonely and wants to start a new life, then get in touch! It doesn't matter what you have, how big or small, I love a challenge and I want to make something beautiful out of something that might have once meant something to you. Rewards shall be given to whoever offers up their beautiful wood, rewards that are better than I can even begin to describe here. So don't hesitate, jake@slowsplit.com is the email address. Your old wood can be more than fire wood! I look forward to hearing from some of you! 

Jake Knibbs