The (somewhat) BIG Feastival

It's been a whole two weeks since Slow Splits big trip out of London. The Big Feastival was a learning curve if nothing else and it has taken me two weeks to write this post because I haven't been sure what to say.

I think one of the great parts of setting up and running your own 'business' is the ups and downs you go on. And me being a lone ranger when it comes to Slow Split, those ups and downs can become bigger than they should be. Things play on your mind and it's normally times like that when you need to speak to someone so naturally my mum gets a phone call.

I'm not embarrassed to say the The Big Feastival turned out to be one of those peaks and troughs kind of gigs and all in one weekend! What a treat.


I had put myself under pressure to make enough stock to see me through the weekend. Having only been approached earlier that month and having never done and event like this, I was petrified about not having enough and selling out. That turned out to not be a problem... at all. It was a long month of whittling, my hands paid for it and I was working up to the eleventh hour but I got everything together and was ready for the August Bank Holiday Weekend!

The Festival came and it didn't go off to the seamless start I had hoped and planned for. The first couple of days came and went with a number of problems along the way. It's safe to say these problems didn't ease my thoughts of 'what the hell am I doing selling wooden spoons in a field!?'. Chatting to other smaller businesses and witnessing what was happening around me helped a lot. It was clear the festival wasn't going to be a success for most the traders (including myself) and we were just going to have to make the best of a bad situation.


Come Saturday night and a few ciders later, I had a new found hope for Sunday and it turns out that my self-belief was right. I was ending the Festival on a real high, I was making sales, having some fantastic conversations with the most engaging customers. I was meeting some really amazing people that had genuine interest in what I am trying to get going here. The trough had turned into a real peak and I was coming away on a real high.

The reason it has taken me two weeks to write this post is because I believe the most interesting part to a business is how the insides work. I could pretend that everything went well and just tell you (all 10 of my readers) about my successful Sunday. But that would take away from the times that I do do well, the markets when I have a really successful day or the times when you, my online customers, purchase something from my online store. I always appreciate any interest someone might have in what I am doing, no matter how big or small. It's weekends like The Big Feastival that make the pleasure of when things go right so much more meaningful.


A silver lining for you and me from how my bank holiday weekend went is that everything I didn't sell, is now in my online store so LUCKY YOU! Now go buy yourself a Slow Split spoon... they are great!

Jake Knibbs