Come Rain or Shine and even Snow!

Saturday 11th Feb. 7 am alarm. Curtain open... SNOW?!  

That didn't matter, it was Druid Streets first market of 2017 and I have things I want to show you guys. 

Now I wont lie, it was a pretty miserable set up. My long johns, 3 pairs of socks, 2 t-shirt, 2 sweatshirt and parker jacket set up may have made me look cosy but let me tell you... I was far from it! Never the less, that stalls had to be made and the displays had to be arranged.

This was going to be the first time I had seen all my new bits and pieces together. I had brought along a number of favourite pieces like my Oak Jar Spoons and English Ash Chopping Boards. The difference this time was I had brought along to accompany them, my newly sourced French Glassware, my freshly turned English Oak Candlestick Holders and the uniquely individual Honey Dippers. Boy did they look good together!

As always at Druid St, I had the wonderful Lazy Eye Ceramics to share my stall and I don't think I have been as pleased with a market stall display as I did this weekend. Every piece complimented each other and you could really get a sense of how the boards, glassware and ceramics could all really work well together.

My most pleasing part of the stall has to be my new Candlestick Holders, They looked brilliant in a group surrounded but other interesting pieces. They stood out to me as a really being really individual and unique. Although everything I make is handmade so will of course be unique and slightly different, there are also a lot of similarities that run through what I do. The Candlestick Holders and each unique is a way that cannot be replicated. They can be a truly unique centrepiece to any table.

At the moment, the only place these pieces are available are at the market, due to the number I have and the nature of relying on finding the right wood, I have a limited amount available. If you want to come and see all my new things in person make sure you head on down to Druid St Market on Saturday 25th Feb. I will see you then! 

Jake Knibbs