Slow Split on Tour

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my recent trip to Paris in search of some new and exciting things that I can bring to you!  


For people who know me, they know that most Sunday mornings you can find me at a carboot, hunting through boxes of tat for that one killer gem. I decided at the start of the year, my handmade wooden bits were looking a little lonely, so chose to marry my passion of wood with my passion in antiques and bring to you guys some really unique pieces.

Due to the fact that most of you are based in the U.K. it seemed to make sense to try and find items that you would come across normally. I wanted to find pieces that you would be able to get normally at home, so a trip to France it must be!

Although the French brocantes don't start until Easter, my itchy fingers just couldn't wait to get my hands on some bits. After some research I found that Paris has a number of year round markets, so I packed my car and off I went. 

The Parisian markets I found were in fact not something to write home about. There were some lovely items but the prices seemed to be so much higher (probably because of my dodgy attempt at asking for prices using my French) so I ended up walking away with little to nothing. 


But fear not! Something I have always found is, it is always the unexpected events that seems to be the most rewarding. It was on my trip into Paris that I stumbled upon something that would make my whole trip totally work it.

After an early start and a need for caffeine, a pit stop was needed and non of the service stations would suffice. A slight detour occurred into a town that was so small, the locals noticed when a lone traveler was passing through. Unable to even get my caffeine fix there, I promptly moved on when I saw out the corner of my eye a deshreveled building. On closer inspection it appears to be something of a charity shop, selling all sorts of tat! Safe to say, I was in heaven! 

An hour had passed and I had found all sorts of bits and bobs, I was a happy chappy. My love of coffee had saved the trip! I wasn't coming home empty handed, and I have some new bits to be showing you guys. 


I was only able to get a couple of pieces, I want you to let me know what you're thinking before anything else. I have been at my usual Druid St. over the last few weeks and the response has been great. I have another trip planned where I aim on picking up some more pieces so I can get them online and make them available for everyone. Until then, email or comment on anything you like. What do you want to see next to my wooden goodies? 

Jake Knibbs